Living in Luton – A Comprehensive Area Guide
4th October 2021

Living in Luton – A Comprehensive Area Guide

Are you thinking of living in Luton?

This popular town is a great ideal for commuters looking for easy access to London.

Living in Luton provides locals with various benefits.

These range from a combination of affordable properties, superb transport links to the capital and even some excellent schools.

Luton offers locals superb transport connections to surrounding towns and the capital.

Alongside excellent links to the capital, living in Luton also offers locals a range of excellent things to do!

Moving to a new area is never a straightforward task.

Before you start planning your move, it is important to gather as much information about the area as possible.

If you are thinking of living in Luton, this is the perfect article for you!

We hope to provide you with some top tips, perfect for those of you thinking of moving to the area.

Encompassing everything from property prices to the best schools in the area, we hope to provide you with a comprehensive guide to the area.

If you are thinking of living in Luton, this is our complete moving guide to the town

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House Prices in Luton

The popularity of living in Luton has meant the region is somewhat of a property hotspot, chiefly for commuters.

With amazing value for money and fantastic transport links, living in Luton is a popular choice.

When living in Luton, it is very possible to buy a house at a bargain price.

Property prices are surprising, especially considering that the town is near to London.

The average cost to purchase a home in Luton is £267,325.

Desirable neighbourhoods when living in Luton include New Bedford Road, Barton Road and Wardown.

Cheaper homes can be found in Challney and Marlborough Road.

Here residents will be in close proximity to various amenities, including shops and schooling.

You will pay an average of £430,503 for a detached house, £281,990 for a semi £224,872 for a terraced and £151,134 for a flat.

All prices are taken from Zoopla for September of 2021, click here for the latest prices.

Cost of Renting

There are times when renting is a better option.

You may not have enough cash for a deposit to buy your own home. You may be a student; renting makes sense if you are not intending to stay in the area long term. Or it may simply suit your current lifestyle.

Whatever your reasons for wishing to rent in Luton, one thing is for sure, there are plenty of options available as Zoopla are currently advertising 416 homes for lease.

Students have a great range of places to choose from. A single room can be leased from just £300pcm and studios start from £360pcm.

If it’s a one-bedroom place you are on the hunt for they dominate the local rental market and are available for between £496-£591pcm.

The stock of larger three- and four-bedroom homes are not as prevalent as one beds, however those that are available start from £1216pcm.

To assist you in your search for a vacant property, a company called Investopedia have undertaken some lengthy research into the best ways to find you perfect property.

Visit their website for some great tips and advice you may find useful.

School concept

Best Schools in Luton

Living in Luton ensures that great education provisions are given to all ages!

A selection of new schools have been constructed to cater to the growing population in the area.

As well as several +great state schools, there are also numerous religious schools in the area as well as a choice of independent schools.

Most state primaries in the town have been given “good” ratings by Ofsted.

Top performers include Richmond Hill and Denbigh Primaries which both received “outstanding” ratings after their latest inspections.

Secondary schools also perform well for those living in Luton.

Woodlands Secondary is a standout in the area, having been awarded an “outstanding” result by Ofsted.

The town is home to Luton Sixth Form College and Barnfield College. Both have been awarded Learning & Skills Beacon Status by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

Things to do

Discovering things to do when living in Luton is an easy task!

There are a great number of attractions and activities to enjoy in the town.

Once you have exhausted everything there is to do here, there are numerous big towns and cities close by!

You will surely never run out of great ways to spend your time when living in Luton.

When living in Luton, many places will charge an entry fee, with a number of pricey attractions in the region.

However, there are also various budget friendly places to enjoy when living in Luton.

Stockwood Park Museum and Wardown House, Museum and Gallery are great option that don’t cost a lot to get visit.

The Barton Hills National Nature Reserve is a great place for a scenic walk.

Offering a great space for children to explore for no cost!

Twinwoods Adventure is the place to go if you enjoy an adrenaline rush. Based in Bedford, its features Indoor Skydiving, Surfing, Climbing, Racing and a simulated BASE jump.

If these attractions aren’t up your alley, Luton Galaxy is a leisure and entertainment complex in the centre of Luton.

The attraction includes a cinema, restaurants, bars and bowling!

This is a spot that is sure to provide fun for all the family.

Close to Luton are two particularly popular zoos, Whipsnade Zoo and Woburn Safari Park.

Both attractions are very popular in the summer period and are both fantastic locations to attend for all ages.

living costs

Cost of Living in Luton

You will see big differences in the costs of living in different parts of the country.

Certainly, Luton holds up well when compared to say London, making living in Luton definitely cheaper.

Consumer prices, eating out and general groceries all cost less in Luton with the highest savings being made on rent and property costs, by as much as 150% and more.

In fact, according to Numbeo, the cost of living calculating web site, you would need to spend around £4,918.34 in London versus £3,300 in Luton per month to maintain the same standard of living in each location.

Even though things may be cheaper in Luton, many of us still manage to overspend each month. With a little “financial housekeeping” we could all make our money work so much harder for us.

So how do you go about putting your housekeeping plan into action without sacrificing your current standard of living?

Easy, just by implementing some clever little hacks you can make each pound you spend go further.

Here are some ways you can start to make a difference immediately:

  • Set some goals as an incentive. It may be a new pair of shoes or a family holiday, having something to aim for really helps.
  • Work out a realistic budget and stick to it. No point trying to save huge amounts to start with you will only get despondent when you fail. Bit by bit is the way to succeed here.
  • Set up a direct debit from your current account into a “savings” account. Each month as you watch the amount increase it will give you a real boost.
  • Distinguishing between the things you need and the things you want is a financially helpful habit to put into practice too.

Luton has all the usual suspects when it comes to discount shopping – Lidl, Iceland, Home Bargains are ideal for saving on your food shop.  Luton has a large Primark and a TK Maxx, both perfect for discount clothes shopping.

Tio make some extra cash you can sell any unwanted tech items, such as old phones, laptops, Play Station or Xbox’s and games in CeX, an entertainment exchange shop located in The Mall in central Luton.

Don’t waste money on family days out at entertainment venues. Rather get out and about and visit one of Lutons seven parks, including Stockwood Park – Free entertainment on tap!

The overall point of budgeting is to know where your money goes in order to make sound decisions. By following some of these wise money saving tips you will see that your savings will grow in no time at all.

Luton Airport

Transport Links

Being a large town, as you would expect, Luton’s connectivity is excellent.

Luton has access to three railway stations – Luton, Leagrave and Luton Airport Parkway. Which means getting around the area by train is incredibly efficient.

The real bonus is that the town is situated less than 30 miles from central London, 27 minutes into St Pancras.

If you don’t own a car and prefer to travel by bus, plenty of busses serve the urban area of Luton and nearby Dunstable. To complement the already thriving services, there is a rapid bus transit route, the (Luton to Dunstable Busway) which, connects the town with Luton Airport, Dunstable, and Houghton Regis.

By road, other parts of the country are accessible via several major roads such as the M1 (which serves the town from junctions 10 and 11). Other key roads include the A6 to Bedford and the A505 to London Luton Airport.

Few towns in the region are as well connected as Luton.


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Ready to Start Living in Luton?

Are you thinking of living in Luton?

You have already made a great choice!

Whether you want to make the most of the transport links, find a dream home, or enjoy a day out at one of the great attractions, living in Luton has something for all.

Luton is an excellent location with a choice of good value properties, meaning there is surely a great home for you.

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