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    Fire Sprinkler Compliance

    Fire Sprinkler Compliance

    If you have fire sprinklers installed at your place of business it is imperative that you get them checked regularly and plan scheduled maintenance to ensure they conform to the British Standard BS9251.

    If your sprinkler system is not inspected at regular intervals, it could pose a hazard to your staff, customers and visitors in the event of a fire.

    In order to check your fire sprinklers, you need a fully trained ECMS engineer to visit you on site and meticulously check your system for wear, tear and performance.

    We Test All Sprinkler Systems

    Our fire sprinkler compliance servicing depends on the system you have installed.

    A very large system could take a full day whereas a small fire sprinkler system may only take an hour.

    When you call us, we organise a convenient date to visit your business premises and conduct a thorough site survey.

    Then we provide you with an accurate timescale and a competitive quote.

    When we test your fire sprinklers we undertake various different tasks such as cleaning, lubricating and replacing new seals where necessary.

    We also conduct a functional test to make sure your system is working efficiently. On completion of testing we issue with a compliant certificate.

    What We Check

    • Linked Alarm Testing
    • Pressure of Water Supply
    • Flow of Water Supply
    • Control Valves
    • Flow Switches
    • Test Valves & Associated Equipment
    • Sprinkler Heads
    • Pipework

    Competitive Quotes

    Our team of fully trained fire sprinkler engineers can work on all makes and models and are also on call 24 hours in case of emergency.

    Pricing is exceptionally competitive, we can organise a maintenance contract or adhoc quotations. ECMS guarantees a courteous, reliable and meticulous service with genuine fully-trained fire safety engineers.

    To find out more about Fire Safety Sprinkler Servicing call ECMS or drop us a line.


    Fires move very quickly and when you need to put the safety of your staff, customers and visitors first, sprinklers are the most effective way of keeping fire under control. Sometimes people are unsure how to use hose reels or fire extinguishers, or they can’t get to them in time. This is another reason why fire safety sprinklers are the best method to keep your building and people safe. Remember, sprinklers react instantly because they operate on an automatic system.

    Yes, fire sprinkler systems are reliable provided they are regularly serviced. Keeping up to date with your service schedule will ensure they operate if needed, check for faults and identify potential problems. Luckily, most sprinkler systems are very easy to use and don’t fail very often but they need to be tested on a regular basis to make sure they work on demand.

    The sprinklers are only engaged where there is a fire so damage is very limited. They won’t open if there is food burning in an oven! If you do call the fire brigade, they apply just the same amount of water from their hoses as a quality sprinkler system. Fire sprinklers work quickly, this means that often items of value can be repaired and as fire sprinkler systems are already on site, you save time often with a small fire completely put out and a large fire kept well under control.

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