7th November 2022
Moving Abroad With Pets in 2023

Are you going to be moving abroad with pets? It can be a challenging process to move your family from one country to another, especially if you plan to bring your pets with you! Many changes associated with moving abroad can be traumatic for pets, as they must[…]

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31st October 2022
Moving House With Children – 6 Must Know Tips

Are you moving house with children in the near future? It is widely believed that moving house is one of life’s most stressful experiences. If you throw in crying kids and moody teens, you could be on the fast track to disaster! Don’t believe me? In a poll of[…]

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24th October 2022
6 Reasons to Start Living in Sittingbourne

Are you considering living in Sittingbourne in 2022? A wide variety of buyers will find living in Sittingbourne is an excellent choice! There are excellent schools and fantastic properties in the area. Thanks to its excellent transport connections, Sittingbourne in Kent has become an increasingly popular place to[…]

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16th October 2022
Living in Chatham in 2022

Thinking of living in Chatham in 2022? Living in Chatham is a smart choice for a variety of buyers! A convenient commuter location, excellent schools, and fantastic properties are all available in the area. Located in the stunning county of Kent, living in Chatham has become an increasingly[…]

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9th October 2022
Living in Rochester in 2022

Are you considering living in Rochester? We are certain you will love living in Rochester if you decide to move there. There are many wonderful properties in the area, excellent schools, and it is a perfect location for commuting to the capital. Located within the county of Kent,[…]

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30th September 2022
5 Great Reasons to Start Living in Gillingham

Are you thinking of living in Gillingham in 2022? You’re making a great choice by considering living in Gillingham! This area offers excellent properties, excellent schools, and is conveniently located for commuters. Located in the stunning county of Kent, Gillingham’s excellent transport connections and a high number of[…]

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8th September 2022
Living in Dartford in 2022

Are you thinking of living in Dartford in 2022? If you are thinking of living in Dartford you are making a great choice! People moving to the area appreciate a range of excellent properties, great schools as well as the ideal location to commute to the capital. Dartford’s[…]

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22nd August 2022
Living in Ashford in 2022

Are you thinking of living in Ashford? If you are thinking of living in Ashford you are in for a treat. Locals moving to the area enjoy a range of wonderful properties, excellent schools and a perfect location to commutee to the caapital. Ashford’s location within the glorious[…]

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14th August 2022
A Guide to Living in Broadstairs

Are you thinking of living in Broadstairs? When living in Broadstairs, locals can anticipate a selection of exceptional properties, some leading educational provisions and a choice of transport options to the rest of Kent, London and even Europe! Broadstair’s is located in the gorgeous county of Kent, sitting[…]

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7th August 2022
Living in Folkestone in 2022

Are you considering living in Folkestone? When living in Folkestone, you can expect a wide selection of properties, some excellent schools and an ideal location in the county of Kent. Folkestone is a port town on the English Chanel in southeast England and offers a stunning shoreline and[…]

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